Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Myths demythified

Kay Seok, a Seoul-based researcher in Human Rights Watch's Asia division, debunked the myths that have surrounded the whole Davao Death Squad phenomenon. In her piece, Davao citizens should reject death squad killings, which appeared yesterday in the Op-Ed page of Mindanao Times, she said the new report the Human Rights Watch released exposed the "myths and justifications that local officials have relied on to avoid any serious investigation into the killings" for what they are: dubious claims that facts could not support whatsoever.

Myth No. 1

The killings are randomly committed by gang members.

Myth No. 2
The victims are all criminals.

Myth No. 3
Davao City is safer with the DDS stalking criminals.

Myth No. 4
The old killings remain unsolved while new ones continue to occur, because of a lack of cooperation by witnesses and families of victims.

Myth No. 5
Mayor Rodrigo Duterte deserves credit for keeping Davao City safe from criminals.

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