Thursday, October 1, 2009


After insinuating the last time that the CHR ’s public inquiry into the vigilante-style killings in Davao City is but politically motivated, a demolition job, a political harassment, 2nd District Councilor Danny Dayanghirang has now an absurd theory why the killings continue until today.

“The number of law violators in our city has not dwindled down, in fact, it is only increasing,” said Dayanghirang in his Mindanao Times Op-Ed piece, “Davao residents in the losing end,” which appeared on October 01, 2009. “This could be attributed to the never-ending investigation of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on the crimes in our city. The investigation of the CHR has made publicity to our city. Although we welcome the investigation of the CHR in order to purge the city from any misconception and to clear the name of the city, the slow paced investigation has only made the crime rate in the city grow. The criminal elements have shown its ugly head again, knowing that the investigation of the CHR would weaken the efficency of our police force.”

I’ve only had two comments:

1. Before the CHR stepped in, there has been a “rampant crime wave,” said the Human Rights Watch. If there is something we should put the blame on, among others, it is the Davao Death Squad.

“In the decade since it began operating,” said Kenneth Roth, “crime in Davao City has mushroomed ten times faster than the population. That’s not surprising, since contempt for the law breeds further lawlessness.”

Not only does DDS violate the rule of law, they also incite, if unwittingly, false hopes of immunity in others.

2. Our police can never be weakened by a mere CHR inquest—-they are not handcuffed while the CHR is continuing its inquest!


  1. We all know , even though CHR has denied being influenced by other government officials ,that this is a mere product of the two opposing provincial leaders.

  2. Raphnexx: We cannot stop people from thinking that way. But one thing's for sure, the fight against extrajudicial killings is not politically motivated, as others think it is. Ask Fr. Picardal of the Coalition Against Summary Execution.

  3. @Raphnexx: That's quite an assumption you got there. Two assumptions actually:

    1. that the CHR investigations are politically motivated

    2. that "we all know" this

    Did it ever occur to you that the CHR is just doing exactly what it is supposed to do as mandated by the Constitution?

  4. @Anonymous: very well said. and if ever CHR will not look into this matter, it's equivalent to dereliction of duty.